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...cctv - no more fit and forget

over 95% of surveillance video is wasted

While trillions of hours of surveillance video is recorded on a daily basis; crime, fraud, losses, process violations, health and safety issues, poor efficiency, wastage, traffic violations, etc., continue to occur; clearly indicating that CCTV by itself is not enough.

That is why we built COM-SUR, the world's only CCTV video footage auditing, smart backup, and standardized intelligent reporting software, the ‘missing’ piece of CCTV; a complete workflow.

Just like Google was the missing piece of the internet, COM-SUR is the missing piece of CCTV. While COM-SUR helps every user of CCTV to achieve optimal outcomes; for the police, law enforcement agencies, and defense forces, it is an exceptional tool to efficiently work with videos, photos, and images.

Like MS Office, COM-SUR is a force multiplier that allows users to carry out several activities related to CCTV with ease, efficiency, and standardization.

COM-SUR works with existing cameras, DVRs, NVRs, and VMS (agnostic of type/brand).

COM-SUR empowers people to achieve optimal outcomes from surveillance video, leading to a safer world

missing pieces of cctv

audit | smart backup | standardized intelligent reporting

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...missing pieces of cctv - plugged

the three ‘missing’ pieces of CCTV

Audit CCTV

Audit CCTV video footage daily

Audit CCTV video footage daily as a standard operating procedure to discover the unknown. With best situational awareness, take immediate corrective and preventive action.

Backup CCTV

Backup CCTV video footage smartly

Save on storage costs. Create cost-effective disaster recovery, and an institutional library of important and relevant findings.

Report incidents

Report incidents in ppt

Create standardized intelligent incident reports in PowerPoint with the 5Ws + 1H + the video embedded. Gain business intelligence.

it's not hard. do it. why suffer?

multiple benefits

from enhanced homeland security, compliance, ops. efficiency, osh, and more

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...multiple benefits

'unlock' hidden information in video footage

COM-SUR is a force multiplier, a complete workflow. COM-SUR can help users gain optimal benefits from existing CCTV surveillance systems like:

    • ...
    • Improved homeland security through crowd-sourced surveillance and community policing, crime, fraud, and loss prevention; and faster solving of crime.
    • ...
    • Improvement of employee performance, customer satisfaction and sales.
    • ...
    • Enhancement of compliance, and health and safety issues.
    • ...
    • Threat and hazard risk identification/mitigation, improvement of ops. efficiency, processes, business continuity, root cause analysis, and total quality management efforts.
    • ...
    • Huge reduction of data size and inexpensive disaster recovery mechanisms.
    • ...
    • Ease of investigation, forensics, debriefing, and gaining business intelligence.

it’s not just about crime

from CEO to CSO - every stakeholder gains

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...cctv - it’s not just about crime

CCTV is not just about crime

Irrespective of the function, this source of rich visual information will deliver a related benefit.


Always remain better aware of your business and brand.


Reduce shrinkage and insurance costs, improve bottom line.


Improve employee performance; offer rewards.


Improve customer satisfaction, loyalty and sales.


Enhance quality through visual control and operational efficiency.


Get better ROI; reduce storage and bandwidth costs.


Use data for AI and machine learning.


Mitigate risks, and ensure business continuity.


Ensure that compliance issues are in order.


Enhance vigilance to prevent fraud and corruption.


Ensure health and safety of man and machine.


Irrespective of your role, just use your imagination and the video!

cctv video footage auditors

new profession | new jobs | new businesses

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...cctv video footage auditors

“cameras never lie”. but how will one know, unless one ‘sees’ what the camera ‘saw’?

cctv video footage auditors

A new skill of CCTV video footage auditor is an absolute need, as millions of dormant cameras will 'wake up'. The Indian Ministry of Skill Development's establishment of National Occupational Standards for this role, along with its inclusion in grades 11 and 12 by the Ministry of Education, validates the need for this new skill.

A CCTV video footage auditor can be an immediate occupation for retired personnel from the Police/LEA.

Scotland Yard - super recognizers

It may not be out of place to mention that the London Metropolitan Police formed a team of ‘Super Recognizers’, and put them to work to identify individuals whose faces are captured on CCTV. COM-SUR makes this activity very easy and efficient, including the analysis of microexpressions and body language.

augmented intelligence

best of both - A.I. - reviewed efficiently by humans

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...augmented intelligence

when artificial intelligence and human intelligence work together, it leads to augmented intelligence

our mantra: a.i. when you need it. h.i. all the time!

With suitable modifications, where possible, COM-SUR can be integrated with artificial intelligence, machine learning, and deep learning technologies for purposes such as:

  • ...Training data
  • ...Image recognition
  • ...Face recognition
  • ...Pattern recognition
  • ...Predictive analytics

Moreover, images created by COM-SUR become ‘relevant’ training data for AI/ML/DL models, allowing for better solutions. This will help address the issue of ‘hidden bias’ often observed in AI/ML/DL systems, which can lead to false alerts.

airports to zoos

wherever there is surveillance video - there is a need

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...airports to zoos

the market size for COM-SUR is truly global, and exceptionally large;
from A to Z

Airports, banks, commercial establishments, celebrities, defense establishments, educational establishments, factories, gyms, hotels, hospitals, housing complexes, jewelers, malls, oil and gas installations, nuclear plants, restaurants, Zoos…The list is endless…and of course, law enforcement agencies themselves, who can be classified as the ‘tip’ of the pyramid.

With the proliferation of video surveillance, the market size and opportunities for COM-SUR can only increase.

elegant | efficient | easy

as easy as abc - no new learning curve

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...elegant | efficient | easy

complex problems do not need complex solutions

COM-SUR is elegant, completely menu driven, non-complex, easy to use, and can be mastered very quickly.

COM-SUR standardizes many activities and outputs. Since COM-SUR delivers outputs in popular formats like PowerPoint, Word, and PDF, there is no additional learning curve.

COM-SUR can also be used to create training material on various topics. The ease with which it creates outputs like PowerPoint, Word, Excel, and PDF makes it possible for even non-skilled staff to work with it.

... ... ... ... ... ... ...

Disclaimer: Third party names and logos mentioned/shown above are registered and belong to such third parties. Hayagriva Software (P) Ltd. claims no affiliation to such third parties, nor does it claim that such third parties endorse COM-SUR.

our societal purpose

free for vulnerable targets

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...our societal purpose

let’s do something good together

Because we are so convinced that ‘COM-SUR’ will bring exceptional value to all users of CCTV world-over, we have decided to offer COM-SUR (Business version) for free* to:

  • ...All places of Worship world-over (think of the multiple terror attacks at places of Worship across the world)
  • ...All low-budget government Schools world-over (think of the School shoot-outs, to abuse of various kinds across the world)
  • ...All Zoos world-over (think about Animal cruelty, theft, and so on across the world)

*Software comes for free. Integration etc. is to be carried out by relevant COM-SUR certified system integrators, which would be a chargeable activity by them. Besides, an administration fee to issue the license will apply per install. Other terms and conditions will apply as well.